2018. 5. 8. 07:01

사랑은 비가 갠 뒤처럼

Original SoundTrack 앨범입니다

Track List

Track.01 After the Rain ~Main Theme~

Track.02 Furui Shiori ~Shizuku no Yukue~

Track.03 Niwakaame ~Mado Tataku Ame~

Track.04 Tsuki ni Negai wo ~Super Moon~

Track.05 Wakuwaku Garden

Track.06 Himawari

Track.07 Saka wo Iku Bus

Track.08 Kazamizama Koukou

Track.09 Koi no Secret Chara

Track.10 Yakusoku no Ame

Track.11 Kogoeru Ajisai

Track.12 After the Rain ~Ame no Mukou ni~

Track.13 Afternoon Hall

Track.14 Track no Nigemizu

Track.15 Aoi Raiun

Track.16 Nijinda Yume

Track.17 Hashire! Kaze no you ni

Track.18 Ref:rain (Instrumental Version)

Track.19 Itsuka Miru Yume

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2018. 4. 18. 16:48

Original SoundTrack이 수록되어 있는

장난을 잘 치는 타카기 양 Music Collection 앨범입니다

Track List

Track.01 高木さんと西片

Track.02 言わないけどね。 (リコーダーバージョン)

Track.03 消しゴム

Track.04 変顔

Track.05 やっとこっち向いた

Track.06 見てろよ高木さん! その1

Track.07 見てろよ高木さん! その2

Track.08 チャンス!

Track.09 ダンディさん

Track.10 西部のダンディ

Track.11 思春期の妄想

Track.12 よく見ると高木さんって、、、

Track.13 赤くなる一言

Track.14 西片の葛藤

Track.15 からかわれた回数の3倍の腕立て

Track.16 作戦考え中

Track.17 よくあるオチ その1

Track.18 よくあるオチ その2

Track.19 ボンボンボン

Track.20 中学生の毎日

Track.21 青春したい

Track.22 相合い傘

Track.23 雨宿り

Track.24 晴れた帰り道

Track.25 どや顔

Track.26 怒られる西片

Track.27 高木さんにやにや

Track.28 落ち込む西片

Track.29 ざわざわドクンドクンもやもやー

Track.30 高木さんにドキドキ

Track.31 ミナとユカリとサナエ

Track.32 尾行

Track.33 100%片想い (インストゥルメンタル)

Track.34 100%片想い (TVサイズ)

Track.35 高木さんと西片の学校

Track.36 西片イライラ

Track.37 気まずい

Track.38 どんより

Track.39 勝利確信の西片

Track.40 からかい上手

Track.41 夏休み!

Track.42 肝試し

Track.43 台風

Track.44 からかわれた帰り道

Track.45 高木さんのいたずら

Track.46 高木さんのほおづえ

Track.47 高木さんと西片の日常

Track.48 やってしまった、、、

Track.49 恐怖動画

Track.50 100%片想い (カラオケ)

Track.51 休み時間

Track.52 ちょっと恥ずかしい

Track.53 高木さんの寂しげな顔

Track.54 席替え

Track.55 100%片想い

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2018. 4. 15. 13:21

기동전사 건담 더블오 10주년 기념 Best 앨범입니다

TVA에서 극장판까지의 곡들이 수록되어 있네요

Track List


Track.02 罠

Track.03 Ash Like Snow

Track.04 Friends(フレンズ)


Track.06 儚くも永久のカナシ

Track.07 Prototype

Track.08 泪のムコウ

Track.09 trust you

Track.10 Unlimited Sky


Track.12 CHANGE

Track.13 閉ざされた世界

Track.14 もう何も怖くない、怖くはない

Track.15 クオリア

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2018. 3. 31. 21:19

마법사의 신부 Original SoundTrack Vol.2 앨범입니다

많은분들이 기다리던 린델의 노래

이르나 에테르(イルナ エテルロ)가 수록되어 있네요

Track List

Track.01 異峡の湖面にて

Track.02 イルナ エテルロ

Track.03 水鏡の人

Track.04 ファミリア vol.2

Track.05 Welcome Back to Your Home!!

Track.06 Chise's Smile

Track.07 Mr.Monster in the Smell of Sand

Track.08 Passion

Track.09 You (TV-EDIT)

Track.10 At the Deserted Countryside in England

Track.11 ココロウツロ

Track.12 クレッシェンディス.mp3 (7.9 MiB)

Track.13 Time to Return Your Memory

Track.14 Fairy's Factory

Track.15 Rose

Track.16 アウスト

Track.17 Flap Clap Trap

Track.18 Cave

Track.19 バンシーの小さな詩篇

Track.20 花数え

Track.21 寄り添う花のように

Track.22 Chise's Love

Track.23 Story

Track.24 Milli Veraldar

Track.25 月のもう半分 (TV-EDIT)

Track.26 Symphonic Chimera No.1

Track.27 Celebrate Your Happiness...!!

Track.28 The Legend of ''The Ancient Magus Bride'

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2018. 3. 31. 21:17

마법사의 신부 Original SoundTrack Vol.1 앨범입니다

치세와 루츠의 계약때 나오던

노래가 여기서 나오네요

Track List

Track.01 Lines for the Sadness  

Track.02 The Ancient Magus Bride’s Main Theme 

Track.03 Here [TV-EDIT]  

Track.04 Magus Bride’s Lacework is Dripping Her Memories… 

Track.05 魔雫のカケラ  

Track.06 Wing’s Light Works  

Track.07 Les Fees du Bois  

Track.08 陽だまり猫に窓  

Track.09 魔法のシルエット  

Track.10 穏やかなジーグ  

Track.11 隣人たち… 

Track.12 巨大な幻惑紙の上で  

Track.13 Chise’s Pastoral  

Track.14 Taboo Gimmick  

Track.15 ファミリア Vol.1  

Track.16 リベロアーラ  

Track.17 ネヴィンの肖像  

Track.18 In the Ancient Forest  

Track.19 重量級ダブルフラット  

Track.20 いにしえの魔法伝説 

Track.21 君の行方  

Track.22 理のはじまり  

Track.23 精霊の舞~Dance of the Spirit 

Track.24 時の横顔  

Track.25 鉄弦アンソロジー  

Track.26 Black Windy Days  

Track.27 アンノドミニ (치세 루츠 Theme)

Track.28 環-cycle- [TV-EDIT]  

Track.29 Symphonic Poem “The Ancient Magus’s Bride” 

Track.30 弓のアンソロジー

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2018. 3. 29. 18:02

바이올렛 에버가든(Violet Evergarden)

Original SoundTrack 앨범입니다

Track List


Track.01 Theme of Violet Evergarden

Track.02 A Doll’s Beginning

Track.03 One Last Message

Track.04 Unspoken Words

Track.05 A Simple Mission

Track.06 Another Sunny Day

Track.07 The Voice in My Heart

Track.08 Rust

Track.09 In Remembrance

Track.10 Ink to Paper

Track.11 The Birth of a Legend

Track.12 To The Ends of Our World

Track.13 Back in Business

Track.14 A Place to Call Home

Track.15 An Admirable Doll

Track.16 Those Words You Spoke to Me

Track.17 Strangeling

Track.18 A Bit of Sass

Track.19 Each Memory a Message

Track.20 The Long Night

Track.21 Violet Snow for Orchestra


Track.01 Across the Violet Sky

Track.02 Wherever You Are, Wherever You May Be

Track.03 Never Coming Back

Track.04 Adamantine Dreams

Track.05 The Ultimate Price

Track.06 Inconsolable

Track.07 The Love That Binds Us

Track.08 Devoid of Hope

Track.09 Torment

Track.10 Fractured Heart

Track.11 Innocence

Track.12 Always Watching Over You

Track.13 Torn Apart at the Seams

Track.14 Intertwined Fates

Track.15 The Stench of Fear and Hatred

Track.16 The Songstress Aria (Instrumental)

Track.17 The Storm

Track.18 Letters From Heaven

Track.19 What It Means To Love

Track.20 Violet’s Letter

Track.21 Sincerely (Short Size)

Track.22 みちしるべ (Short Size)

Track.23 Believe in… (Short Size)

Track.24 Violet Snow (Short size)

Track.25 The Songstress Aria

Track.26 Letter (Short Size)

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2018. 3. 29. 18:02

A.I.C.O. -인카네이션- Original SoundTrack 앨범입니다

Track List


Track.01 Never Say Goodbye to Her

Track.02 A.I.C.O.

Track.03 Falling Down to the Future

Track.04 Artificial Heart Beats

Track.05 Where a Family Live Still

Track.06 Going to the Bloody Fields

Track.07 Dedicated to Unforgettable Days

Track.08 Just One Tragedy

Track.09 Non-Stop Madness

Track.10 Pure & Cure

Track.11 MATA’s Lamentation

Track.12 Future of Secret Operation

Track.13 Demon’s Steps

Track.14 Why was it that she was born?

Track.15 For Kill or Be Killed

Track.16 Moaning in the Darkness

Track.17 My Dear A.I.C.O.

Track.18 Never Say Goodbye to Memories


Track.01 未知の彼方

Track.02 Always be with Beautiful Mind

Track.03 Doubt against Our Future

Track.04 Together Another One

Track.05 Into the Blind Vision

Track.06 Realm of the Subconscious

Track.07 Wild Pressure

Track.08 Motif on Day-Dream

Track.09 On the Strange Phase

Track.10 Report about Unanswered Investigation

Track.11 Bloody Festa

Track.12 Under the Flag of Special Forces

Track.13 Defense Battle Formation Z

Track.14 Variant People

Track.15 The Last Stand

Track.16 Blackness of the Hell

Track.17 Blank of Last Monologue

Track.18 Beyond the Future

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2018. 3. 29. 17:56

용왕이 하는 일! Original SoundTrack 앨범입니다

Track List

Track.01 コレカラ(TV-size)

Track.02 第一感

Track.03 あい登場

Track.04 押しかけ弟子

Track.05 大慌て

Track.06 足りない

Track.07 浪速の白雪姫

Track.08 ゴッドコルドレン歩夢

Track.09 研究しよう!

Track.10 たまには息抜き

Track.11 もっと強くなるために

Track.12 勝利を信じて

Track.13 独りじゃない

Track.14 幸先よく

Track.15 厳しい局面

Track.16 大ピンチ

Track.17 楽しい毎日

Track.18 両刀使い

Track.19 強手

Track.20 本筋はどこに

Track.21 一心不乱

Track.22 譲れない気持ち

Track.23 師匠との日々

Track.24 我が道を行く

Track.25 研修会にて

Track.26 重い一手

Track.27 先手先手に

Track.28 待ったなし

Track.29 一門の絆

Track.30 別々の道

Track.31 頭の中は将棋でいっぱい

Track.32 幼い頃からの夢

Track.33 背伸びして

Track.34 迷い

Track.35 長考

Track.36 驚異の粘り

Track.37 八一、大逆転

Track.38 天晴

Track.39 師匠の懐

Track.40 守りたいもののために(TV-size)

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2018. 3. 28. 18:29

극장판 노 게임 노 라이프 Zero

Original SoundTrack 앨범입니다

Track List


Track.01 プロローグ -決意-

Track.02 神様のお遊戯

Track.03 語られることのない神話 ~潜入

Track.04 ここで死ね ~慈悲

Track.05 贖罪

Track.06 エルフの廃都

Track.07 望まざる邂逅

Track.08 生殖行為を要求する

Track.09 もし、俺が勝ったら

Track.10 噛み合わないふたり

Track.11 残酷な問い

Track.12 こぼれ落ちる懺悔

Track.13 Oh!!!

Track.14 ふれあうこころ

Track.15 アーカ・シ・アンセ

Track.16 やりたいことは

Track.17 わかちあう心


Track.01 大戦の予兆

Track.02 さあ、ゲームを始めよう

Track.03 ずっとずっとそばにいさせてください

Track.04 陽動

Track.05 犠牲の代償

Track.06 全ては狙い通りに

Track.07 ふたりだけの時間

Track.08 真の狙い

Track.09 ごめんね

Track.10 御機嫌よう、スクラップ

Track.11 この想いを継いで

Track.12 ほんとに、愛してるよ

Track.13 消えた光

Track.14 機械の命

Track.15 ステイル・メイト -最終決戦-

Track.16 またゲームしようぜ ~新世界の光

Track.17 未来へと続く誓い

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2018. 3. 28. 18:25

시트러스(Citrus) Original SoundTrack 앨범입니다

Track List

Track.01 citrus

Track.02 on the first day

Track.03 To fear love is to fear life -Main Theme-

Track.04 Pity in Her Eyes

Track.05 Second Sun

Track.06 Take it only once

Track.07 Is Love an Art?

Track.08 Timidity and Boldness

Track.09 Without Reason

Track.10 Little Difference

Track.11 Afraid of Change

Track.12 Quiet Night Wind

Track.13 Never Be Just Right

Track.14 Both of Us

Track.15 Don’t Love, Don’t Believe

Track.16 To love and to be wise

Track.17 Seasons Past

Track.18 Got Dressed Up

Track.19 Indications

Track.20 Terror Room

Track.21 Left Tastes Bitter

Track.22 Touch of Love

Track.23 Doubt for Believe

Track.24 That’s so Awkward

Track.25 Still Be the Same

Track.26 Knockabout

Track.27 never did run smooth

Track.28 Sinister Face

Track.29 You’ve got to let it grow

Track.30 Jelly Waltz

Track.31 Whac-A-Eel

Track.32 Mental Coldline

Track.33 Witness

Track.34 Uncertain Words

Track.35 solitary Eye

Track.36 Quiet Afternoon

Track.37 アザレア (TV Size)

Track.38 Dear Teardrop (TV Size)

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